100% CBD balms and tinctures for humans and pets! Best prices in town!

Av Jorden Body Care Products

Made with non-allergenic natural ingredients for sensitive, dry skin. Available in 8 essential oil scents.  Offering body cream, deodorant, lip balm, eye balm, night and day creams.

Tesoro Raw Honey

This pure, unpasteurized wild-flower honey is harvested right here in Englewood, Colorado. At Tesoro, we infuse the honey with ginger or habanero peppers for added zip!  Besides being delicious, eating local, unpasturized honey is good for allergies and for the environment!

Illuminature Glow Candles

Crafted in Boulder, Colorado, these candles are lead-free, unscented and covered with natural plant-fiber paper.  They burn for 120+ hours and the container can be reused forever!

Cultura Chocolate 

‚Äč(Formally Dead Dog)

A Denver-based macro batch bean-to-bar chocolate making company specializing in Mexican inspired products. Experience the decadent taste sensation of Espresso Sea Salt, Mexican Spice, Whisky or Peppermint Nibs, Guatemala and Belize chocolate bars. The Mexican-Style Drinking Chocolate is a special treat on cold days!

DRAM Herbal Bitters

Syrups and Switchel

Crafted to offer healing benefits, as well as adding that "missing something" to cocktails, sparkling water, juice and tea. DRAM bitters are made from plants foraged in the mountains of Colorado, that contain volatile oils and alkaloids which trigger a sensory response in the mouth.  They kick start the digestive process and work wonders if you are suffering from a stomach ache, gas pains, overeating, allergy distorted indigestion or a sour stomach.